Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Casey Chalem Anderson @ Ille Art

Breath of Salt Air “Can the Ocean Be Both Calm and Forceful”? June 27, 2017

“Calm Tumble” 24″ x 24″ oil/wood
There is something hauntingly calm about this pinkish flat ocean. Then, you feel the pent up energy of the wave coming toward us full and strong.
I love how the foam of a crashing wave can be both translucent and almost solidly opaque. It explodes out of the transparency of the smooth sea.  Oil paint is perfectly suited to express this. Transparent color is brushed on thinly so you can see through to the surface underneath. Next you can load up the brush with thick pigment and drag the white foam downward. Both aspects of water conjured up by the nature of oil paint.
You can have an up close real-life look at this painting at:
Ille Arts 171 Main Street in Amagansett.  Be sure to check out my pen and ink drawings too.

Gates of the west... the space where creation occurs Kevin Sudeith...001

gates of the west...
the space where creation occurs
Kevin Sudeith...001
Planes, Trains and Satellites
context...Kevin Sudeith...001
context...Kevin Sudeith...001
Where are we headed? How will it be different? What will be forgotten?
While referencing mankind’s oldest and most permanent form of representation—the petroglyph—Kevin Sudeith explores the uncertain present and unwritten future of contemporary life. His rock carvings could survive tens of thousand of years; as many of their ancient predecessors already have. In this way, the works become defined by an almost extraterrestrial, futuristic wonder. They exist as both art and artifact—as an articulation of our world today and as a point of communication with the unknown of infinite tomorrows.
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dialogue...Kevin Sudeith...001
Where do you live while you complete a work?
I camp, but how I camp depends on the location. Originally, I camped in a tent with Persian rugs scattered around and cooked over an open fire. I quickly learned that lifestyle takes a lot of time—roughly three hours per day—so the “housework” was cutting into work too much. So now I enjoy a more Spartan lifestyle. Whenever possible, I pitch a tent. It’s nice to get out of the van; I love the sounds of the outdoors and it’s very “exciting” for an electrical storm to pass while I’m in a two-person tent. Sometimes, necessity keeps me camping in the van. And I like that too. It is cozy, but the van shakes in a strong wind.
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Born from a desire to make the creative realms of artists as accessible as their works, Gates of the West is a collaborative, multimedia platform curating the artist’s virtual space. With photographs, videos, critical texts, and transcribed conversations, Gates of the West brings us inside the creative lives of contemporary visual artists. We find exclusive selections of their artwork alongside inclusive looks into their personal and studio process.  We invite you to keep up with us on InstagramFacebookTwitterand Pinterest. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@atthegatesofthewest.com

Five @ 268 - Art on Main, Opening Reception: Friday, June 30, 6 pm - 9 pm

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I'm pleased to be part of this upcoming group show presented by the North Shore Artist Coalition.
If you're free this Friday, please join us.


Five @ 268 - Art on Main

Featuring the work of Pam Brown, Nancy Bueti-Randall
Jim Molloy, Doug Reina and Mary Jane van Zeijts

Opening Reception: Friday, June 30, 6 pm - 9 pm

268 Main Street, Setauket, NY

Show Dates: June 30 - July 16
Fridays and Saturdays 10 am - 5 pm
Sundays 12 pm - 4 pm
Also by appointment - 631 220 4529

Art Pampelonne in Saint Tropez: Thursday June 29th Check it out


Sacha Floch Poliakoff, "Mon Grand Paysage"
2016, Acrylic and black crayon on paper, 105 x 148,5 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Pixi - Marie Victoire Poliakoff  
RAMATUELLE, FRANCE: The first art fair of its kind in presqu'île de Saint-Tropez, Art Pampelonne will present 30 elite galleries, showcasing the most notable artists in the contemporary field.

Art Pampelonne will open with its Vernissage (for VIPs + Press) on 29 June, 12pm - 2pm, followed by its Public Opening 2pm - 9pm. Art Pampelonne will then be open daily 12pm - 9pm, 30 June - 1 July, and 12pm - 8pm on 2 July.

Purchase Tickets Here
29 JUNE - 02 JULY
Abdoulaye Konaté
"Papillon" 2016, Textile,
261 x 232 cm
Courtesy of Primo Marella Gallery

Amalia Valdés
Untitled, 2017 stainless steel, paint,
44 x 44 x 3 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Seippel 

Almagul Menlibayeva
"Centaur," 2011, Printed lambda on aluminium, Edition of 5. 71 x 107 cm
Courtesy of Galerie Albert Benamou – Véronique Maxé 

Dirk Salz
"#2230", 2017, Pigments and resin on multiplex,
160 x 30 x 30 cm
Courtesy of Heitsch Gallery 

Barney Kulok
"Doubled" 2014, Archival pigment print,
Edition 1/6 , 101,6 x 137,4 cm
Curated by Raina Lampkins-Fielder 
Courtesy of Eric Hussenot

Sunil Gawde 
"Blind Bulbs" 2006, Fibreglass sculpture
72 x 72 x 121,5 in
Courtesy of Galerie Enrico Navarra

Thurs | June 29 | 12pm - 2pm
Thurs | June 29 | 2pm - 9pm
Fri | June 30 | 12pm - 9pm
Sat | July 01 | 12pm - 9pm
Sun | July 02 | 12pm - 8pm
| ART PAMPELONNE | Route de l'Epi | 83350, Ramatuelle, FRANCE | press@artpampelonne.com |

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If your in LA this one looks like fun/ Intimate Strangers: Los Angeles Conversation Exhibition Opening June 22nd 6:00-8:00pm



The VOLTA team dubbed their 2017 edition in Basel “Lucky 13”,



BASEL, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21: The VOLTA team dubbed their 2017 edition in Basel “Lucky 13”, going against the grain of superstitious qualities around the number, which simply did not quantify when considering the staying power of an international art fair, particularly a satellite to the mighty Art Basel. Likewise, maintaining a high level of consistency and quality while introducing a growing clientele to an ever broader international contingent of new positions is not simply “luck”; it is sheer willpower, effort, and passion by the seven-member team and the 70 galleries who constitute VOLTA13.

“We are always appreciative of the effort our galleries and the artists put into every edition, but this year was truly a standout,” Amanda Coulson, VOLTA Artistic Director, praised the 2017 Basel participants. “Perhaps the spectre of the mighty ’13’ compelled galleries to create especially good juju. We had wonderful projects and an audience who was responsive and engaged. Most of the dealers reported long, intense, and fulfilling conversations, leading to solid sales — and, for the first time in many years, it didn’t even rain!” 
image: Mauro Piredda (second from left) and Silvia Borella (seated, co-owners of PRIVATEVIEW, Torino) discusses their solo project of Ted Larsen with collectors

New discoveries equalled immediate success for galleries throughout Markthalle. In their Basel debut, PRIVATEVIEW (Torino) presented a stark and minimal installation of 10 mixed-media wall sculptures by mid-career American artist Ted Larsen, featuring reclaimed metal and other objects rendered in elegant geometric arrangements. By Thursday the gallery had sold out the booth, plus, according to co-owner Mauro Piredda, “Many people optioned for other pieces from the catalogue!” Added co-owner Silvia Borella, “We’ve had a great reaction and met many nice and serious collectors.” “Many Nordic people!” added Piredda, “kindly and young in mind!” Reflecting on the week, Borella said “Many collectors have been telling us that they leave the other satellite fairs behind. VOLTA is the next parallel fair after Art. It’s not overly experimental, but it is quite clean and concrete. And we agree!” Next door, VOLTA veteran Galerie Heike Strelow (Frankfurt am Main) enjoyed considerable attention throughout the week for her, shall we say, more colorful than usual booth. Beyond the three Florian Heike paintings, rendered in the Frankfurt artist’s signature black on untreated cotton, the gallery debuted and nearly sold out of Venezuelan wunderkind Starsky Brines, moving all of his works on paper and all but one painting to an avid international clientele. “He’s in a really hot spot here!” commented Strelow. “We’ve had an amazing quality of collectors this year. It was already always good, VOLTA, but this year it’s even better.” Reflecting in Winter/Hörbelt’s massive Pixelbild mirrored work dominating the floor, the gallery recorded a commission from an Australian private collection for the German duo. Across the Halle, The Hole (New York) were very pleased in visitors’ reactions to young American artist Drake Carr, selling six of the young artist’s 10 cut-canvas painted dancers to all new clients from Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. “This is Drake’s first time showing his art, really,” noted owner Kathy Grayson, not counting the gallery’s big debut with him in group show Post-Analogue Painting II this past spring, “and he’s been super well received.” “It’s been an amazing fair,” said Tomas Umrian, director of SODA gallery (Bratislava), taking a pause from his busy week receiving guests around three distinct positions, between contemporary talents Lucia Tallová and Jaro Varga and the late great Slovakian all-star Stano Filko. All told, the gallery recorded multiple sales of Filko’s crucial works from the ‘70s, including an additional 20 works situated at the gallery, plus Umrian noted intense interest from guests, including an Italian collector specializing exclusively in works from the 1970s, who came up on the booth 15 minutes past closing time earlier in the week and returned the next morning, ready to buy. “So let’s say it’s been fabulous!”

VOLTA13 JUNE 12 – 17, 2017
www.voltashow.com #volta13basel