Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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5D Events
"Pioneers in Consciousness, Science & Space Research"
OCTOBER 20-21-22, 2017, FROM 9:00 AM TO 11:00 PM DAILY

Tickets & info: 
Streamed Live lectures $15 per day on: 

Quantum Consciousness, Health, Quantum Healing, Space, Free Energy, Spirituality, Secrets of Pyramids & Human Origins.
Amazing 3 day epic event on quantum consciousness, many speakers with over 100 lectures, workshops, panels, exhibits, yoga and documentary film with dinner banquet.

Tickets & info:
Streamed Live lectures $15 per day on:
Global Gathering of all LIGHTWORKERS, INDIGO STAR SEEDS, HEALERS, SCIENCE RESEARCHERS & TRUTH SEEKERS, the 144,000 who will lead the Humanity into new age of Aquarius & the new Earth the Sentient Beings for celebration of New humanity.
Intention: "Raising Global Consciousness, Healing, Peace & Transformation"

Andrew D. Basiago, David Adair, Professor Mehran Keshe, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Captain Paul Watson, Richard Gordon, Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio, Jordan Maxwell, John Lear, Riana Milne, Richard Gordon, Larry Dean Hunter, Boris Petrovic, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin, Janet Kira Lessin, Chireya Fox, Saeed David Farman, Jennifer Noel Taylor, Tracy Repchuk, Art Giser. Edwin Harkness Spina, Tamra Oviatt, Logan Jayson Piette, Harijiwan, Cosmin Mahadev Singh, Samuel Kiwasz, Peter Sterling, Andrei Knight. PhD, Sheila Z Stirling. PhD, Ronja Vieth. PhD, Caroline Cory, Brad Olsen, Eric Dadmehr, Sel Sarkin, Tom Paladino, Aurora Buchanan, Jennifer Montero, Alana Marie, Anara Whitebear, Chris Katsaropoulos, Abby Namazi, Eileen Meyer & Alan Bedian,

Director of the event: David Farman 
(Phone: 1-310-908-6682, Email:
Assistant Director: Eric Dadmehr & Andrei Knight
Some of the Topics:
Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Healing, Plasma Technology usage in Space, Plasma Cancer Treatment, Scalar Energy,  Energy Healing, Free Energy, Peace, GMO, United Nation Agenda 21, Nano Technology, Teleportation, The Montauk Chair, Alternate Reality, The Mandela Effect, Warping Space Time, HAARP Weather Control, 5TH Dimension, Alternate Time Lines, Mind Control, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Tall White ET,  Space - Time Continuum, Worm Holes, Time Travel,  Alternate Realities, Artificial Intelligence, Subconscious Mind, Alien Intervention, Geoengineering, Ecology, Eugenics, Cybernetic, Bioelectonics, Extraterrestrial Types, ET Disclosure, Cosmic Cultures, Secret Space, Paranormal, Metaphysics, DNA Activation, Ascension, Secrets of Pyramids, Human origins, Crop circles, Path of Enlightenment, Conscious Leadership, Business Networking, Self-Development, Empowerment, Personal Growth, Soul Cleansing, Karma cleaning, Self-Confidence, Vitality, Joy, Life Satisfaction, Evolution, Thriving, Awakening, Mastery, Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prana Yoga, Meditation, how to build a better future with Star Seeds, Indigo and the New Humanity.
***Opening Ceremonies Friday OCT 20TH 10 AM TO 1 PM, Registration begins at 9 AM
***Friday & Saturday night Panel of Quantum Consciousness part 1 & 2
***Networking happy hours hotel bar 11 PM to midnight Friday OCT 20TH
***Banquet Dinner party with speakers Saturday Night OCT 21ST from 7 PM to 10 PM
***Networking happy hours hotel Bar 10 to midnight Saturday OCT 21ST
***Closing Panel & Ceremonies Sunday OCT 22TH from 8 PM to 11 PM
Tickets & info:
Streamed Live lectures $15 per day on:

Tom Everhart Coup D'état

Tom Everhart Coup D'état

It was Robert Rauschenberg who said, “Some people try to think up ideas. I am not one of them. I prefer to accept the irresistible possibilities of what I can’t Ignore.” For the last twenty-nine years, the majority of my body of work has been one in the same thinking with his quote. “Coup d’état” is a new work that I have wanted to produce for a very long time, but I was unable to construct the proper visual object matter to convey the visually contextualized intended subject matter. By no means, was I Ignoring it.

For those who can’t ignore contemporary global events, the title, “Coup d’état”, may at first seem very much like a reference to something of the moment. Of course, the concept of a coup d’état, to over throw an existing government has been featured in politics since antiquity, but the phrase is relatively recent coinage.

When I first saw Sparky (Charles M. Schulz) draw, roughly in pencil and then finally in India ink, that beautiful struggle between his characters of Snoopy and Linus over his security blanket, I told him that it had a quality and meaningful expression through which the personality felt like some kind of a coup d’état event. He was quick to remind me that not all coup d’états are concerning government overthrows, but can, as well, be events in ones own personal and professional life, and even especially in the matters of love.

Today, I personally understand this more than ever, as I definitely feel a triumph of a coup d’état over Johns Hopkins Hospital giving me 2 years to live, 29 years ago. Maybe, and more importantly, he was referring to the love and passion involved in the struggle that allows one’s life to grow and go forth.

In using the appropriation of Sparky’s visual object matter without the character drawing of Linus, as a subversive method of camouflage for its actual subject matter, the viewer is left with an open casting call for whom or what is at the other end of Snoopy’s struggle for the blanket, in a Coup d’état of the viewer’s own life experiences.

In the words of Marcel Duchamp, “The artist performs only one part of the creative process. The onlooker completes it, and it is the onlooker who has the last word.” 

– Tom Everhart



For Horse Lovers: Not art but about the Art of Living life, Equestrian Aid Foundation Awarded Gold Status from GuideStar


Equestrian Aid Foundation Awarded
Gold Status from GuideStar

Wellington, Fla. ­– July 26, 2017 – Equestrian Aid Foundation is proud to announce that it was awarded Gold Status from GuideStar, the world's leading provider of information about nonprofit organizations. GuideStar's Gold Status is awarded to recognize nonprofit transparency and accountability. Out of 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations listed in GuideStar, only .5 percent have achieved Gold Status. The Equestrian Aid Foundation is proud to be included in this tier. 

To achieve the Gold Status, Equestrian Aid Foundation submitted information including its mission, goals, strategies and capabilities. Nonprofit evaluation is a vital practice that keeps organizations accountable and lets donors know that their charity of choice is trustworthy and reputable. The Gold level is given to organizations that commit to GuideStar's high standards of transparency and management.

Click here to visit Equestrian Aid Foundation's Gold GuideStar profile.

Equestrian Aid Foundation is an organization that serves the horse world by providing financial assistance to catastrophically ill or injured horse people. Founded in 1996, the Foundation has granted over $2.7 million in assistance to equestrians from across the country, who work and participate in varied disciplines and come from all walks of life. The organization depends on the compassion of horse lovers to support its efforts through donation, fundraising events, programs and volunteerism.

Laurietta Oakleaf and Alena Weida are two Equestrian Aid Foundation recipients
Photos courtesy of Laurietta Oakleaf and Alena Weida.
Equestrian Aid Foundation recently launched a new horse show program called Show You Care during Summer in the Rockies at Colorado Horse Park. They have an active retail program and have relationships with participatingequestrian and non-endemic retailers. "Althea," their 2017 major fundraiser, held during the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, was a resounding success and out-raised previous events.

"We place importance on transparency and adhering to high standards," said executive director, Louise Smith. "We are honored that GuideStar includes Equestrian Aid Foundation among the top tier of respected nonprofits in the country."

About GuideStar
GuideStar gathers and disseminates information about IRS-registered nonprofit organizations. They provide information about each nonprofit's mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance and more. They combine information that nonprofits supply with data from several other sources.

GuideStar acts as a search engine for nonprofit information and provides information so that donors, funders, researchers, educators, professional service providers, governing agencies and the media may make informed decisions.

For more information go to:


The Equestrian Aid Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists people from all corners of the horse world who are coping with life-changing injury or illness and financial crisis. Since its inception 21 years ago, the Foundation has granted over $2.7 million in direct financial aid to equestrians facing adversity. Our needs-based support provides assistance with basic living and rehabilitative expenses to riders, trainers, farriers, grooms, horse farm owners and other equestrians who need a helping hand to get back on their feet. For more information, please visit


EQ Media LLC
12709 Quercus Lane
WellingtonFl 33414

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Madelyn Jordan Fine Art has a great Summer line up Juky27-29th

This Thursday-Saturday, July 27 - 29, 2017

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This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire exceptional artwork by our most sought after and popular artists at the season's best prices. We look forward to seeing you!

Light refreshments will be served.

 Adam Handler, The Good Couple, Dec. 2011 - Dec. 2015, Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in.

DJ Leon, Beach Umbrellas, Rimini, 2016, Digital C print, 36 x 48 in. (Additional sizes available)

Josef Albers, Formulation: Articulation: Portfolio I, Folder 30a, 1972, silkscreen, 15 x 20 in. Ed 559/1000
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art
37 Popham Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583

T: (914) 723-8738
Hours: Tues-Sat. 10:00 am - 5:30 pm


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